The Acosta family came to the United States in search of the American Dream. Knowing that anything is possible here, they adapted to a new culture and language, while embracing the challenge of achieving that dream. Working as dish washers and fast food cashiers, even sleeping in their cars, they sacrificed and put their family and craft above all else.

Their knowledge and expertise for shoe making was passed down from Grandpa Salvador Acosta, and after being involved in the shoe making industry for many years, the father/son team of Marco Acosta Sr. and Marco Acosta Jr. founded Demarco Footwear. With the first step of their dream accomplished, the Acostas are honored to have the opportunity to express their passion through every silhouette.

Every shoe is handmade in America, proudly paying homage to this great country and supporting the culture of “Made in the USA”. Your support is appreciated as the Acostas share their vision with the world.