Shoe Class


This is a course to learn how to custom make your own pair of Jordan 1, with over 35 years of experience we will give you the necessary skills to handmake your own pair.

Class will be held in our shop in Orange County CA

Course will Include:

-Shoe Last
-Pair of Jordan 1 soles
-Access to various types of leathers and fabrics

Classes will be Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm

In this 1 on 1 course you will learn how to

-make patterns
-hand cut leather *actual cutting, no tracing then cutting
-gluing and finishing the shoe

At the end you will leave with a custom made Jordan 1 made by you but most importantly with the knowledge to go home and continue to create anything that comes to your mind.

Take this as an investment to be able to learn a craft and increase your income!


no refunds allowed for the class



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